Boys & Girls: An Undidactic Probing

Ugly Art Room, in collaboration with Greenpoint Open Studios, is very proud to present Girls & Boys: An Undidactic Probing. Brouwerij Lane and Dandelion Wine graciously host the exhibition of works by a select group of artists participating in Greenpoint Open Studios.
When GOS and UAR was approached by Greenpoint’s power beer and wine houses to curate an exhibition we were inspired to reflect all nurtured and natured, clichéd and misnomered, stereotyped and oxymoronic, insulting and submissive representations of the sexes and their fermented debaucheries.
The works in the show are varied in medium and content, reflecting the myriad oeuvres found in each artist’s practice. Whereas in the artist’s intent may not be wholly committed to covering all things sex and gender, Girls & Boys takes on an unapologetic and suggestive approach to probe our way through the sex and gender rant.
The show is both immune and vulnerable to blatant contradictions and sexist compartmentalizing and is nothing but open for discussion. All feminists, misogynists, and alcoholics, perverts, prudes, and multi-sexuals may apply.
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