Head Space

As part of Paper Garden Records' Multiverse Playground III, Ugly Art Room presents: Head Space

September 17, 2011


104 Emerson place

Brooklyn, NY

Scott ChasseMartin EstevesKyle R. Garnett, John Skibo

In line with the "multiverse playground" theme 3-4 selected artists will be given a 4x8ft piece of plywood onto which they will paint a scene from this or another universe. Taking a flat piece of wood and transforming it into an interactive space, Head Space will challenge the visual perception of scale and depth. Referencing the classic carnival cut-out, guests will be able to poke their faces through holes within the scene and Ugly Art Room will take professional photos, which will be posted online for guests to view after the event.


Finished Works:


Scott Chasse

Martin Esteves
Kyle R. Garnett
John Skibo