• On View: "Sinister Snuggles" Artwork by Xander Griffith

    Ugly Art Room's The Littlest Gallery will be exhibiting artwork by Washington based fiber artist Xander Griffith. "Sinister Snuggles" will be on view from August 17-September 10th. The opening is Thursday August 17th from 4-8pm in participation with Corvallis Arts Walk

    Show Statement
    The overly cute Snuggles has dark intentions. Trapped now behind glass, it longs to bring fire and destruction to the outside world, its eyes red with rage. The only problem is can’t overcome its adorable core. The air around it changes not to brimstone but to gum drops and heart felt cheer.

    It longs to bring chaos and anarchy for the transgressions of its captures but only aides in creating more happiness, a fact that infuriates it even more.  

    Artist Statement

    Through the soft warmth of felt, I can convey a look and composition that gives honor to my subject matter.  My viewpoint is centered on a specific story that is filtered through modern impressionism.  With an abundance of colors and combinations, a seemingly simplistic story can have the most complicated color journey.  Hand crafted and irregular, every point or shape is totally unique, giving credence to the chaotic symmetry of nature.  


    Xander Griffith

    Sinister Snuggles


    Felt on Board