• Opening: Thermo-matic Selfie

    Thermo-matic Selfie, Adhesive cast. 2017

    The Littlest Gallery presents Thermo-matic Selfie, artwork by Chicago based artist Lauren Sudbrink

    Opening: November 16, 2017, 4-8pm as part of Corvallis Arts Walk.

    On view: November 16-December 18, 2017

    Location: 4th @ SW Madison (on the sidewalk of Starbucks in the glass display case)

    Thermo-matic Selfie is an adhesive casts created from the artist's body. These casts are, in a sense, alive in that they react, change and transform to the temperature and humidity within a climate. When the humidity is high the casts are very malleable, maintaining their shape and structure, but are easily folded and returned to their initial state. When the humidity is low the casts become rigid and brittle. They harden and can easily be broken, disintegrated or harshly altered with the lightest touch. The casts continually transform through an infinite cycle of resilience and fragility.

    It is here, with the Littlest Gallery, that I implement an experiment with this cast—to partner with the limitations and exposure to the elements to affect the cast through its time spent in the case. This is an intentionally futile endeavor of both protection and submission.