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  • January Mail Art Challenge "Cruise" Announced

    January 2016 Mail Art Challenge Theme: "CRUISE"

    Winter is upon us - at least in the Northern Hemisphere - a time for hibernation, resolutions, and trying to keep warm and cheery when it’s dark and cold outside. In Fashion, this season after the Holidays - isn’t know as “Winter” - even though the other seasons are called Spring, Summer and Fall. Instead, many designers term it “Cruise.” Mannequins in store windows along snowy busy city streets are bikini clad wearing sunglasses and shady hats to protect them from the tropical sun. While passersby battle snow drifts and bunching up long underwear, these lifeless models mock the blustery reality outside their own windowed enclosures. Escape is the theme of this month’s mail art challenge. Where do you run to (in your mind, on paper, in your car, in your dreams) when you need to leave it all behind? Do you dare go on a cruise?

    Deadline: January 25, 2016

    Mail to original artwork no larger than 8.5x12" to:

    Ugly Art Room
    460 Madison Ave, #7
    Corvallis, OR 97333

    Include the following information:

    Email or Phone:
    Website/FB/IG Handle:

    How it it works:

    Ugly Art Room will announce the theme on the 1st of each month. Artwork is sent by participating artists and arrives no later than the 25th of that month. Depending on the number of submissions, at least five pieces will be selected and opened on camera. A video will be posted by the last day of that month and the following month's mail art challenge theme will be announced. All original work in any medium can be submitted as long as the work can fit into an 8 1/2 x 12" bubble mailer. Work MUST be sent with a SASE so it can be returned. Work will be on display during Corvallis Arts Walk which takes place the third Thursday of each month. Work will be made available for sale on Ugly Art Room's website until the following month.