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  • On View: 10 in 10

    "10 in 10"

    On View: 11/16-12/11

    Jen G. Pywell “speed-curates” this group show. She chose 10 artworks in 10 minutes from artists in the CEI program and responds to each individual work.

    Closing Reception + Art Talk: Thursday December 7th, 6-8pm

    Participating artists, Gallery Director Bruce Burris & Curator Jen G. Pywell will talk about the show and answer questions for "10 in 10." 

    CEI Artworks Gallery (408 SW Monroe Ave, Ste 110) 


    When Bruce from CEI Artworks asked me to “speed-curate” an art show - to chose 10 works in 10 minutes among the works of artists participating in the CEI program, I was honored and up for the challenge. I always rely on my gut when looking at artwork. In choosing the works, I not only had to use my instinct to pick individual works but stitch multiple works together into a cohesive show. Then I was asked to respond to each work individually. Bruce left it really open. “Write a poem, draw a picture. Anything.” At first I wrote some pretty boring reflections on why I chose each piece. Then I decided to simply let the art “speak to me,” as it did when I first laid eyes on it. Here is what they said.


    Brian Bonney

    First name, last name. Repeat. First name, last name. Repeat. Neatly. A grid. Slipping away and clinging together. One thing is certain: it’s Brian Bonney. We know it. He knows it.


    Susan Woods

    We may be floating around in space, but something is holding us together. We may not be touching, but we are always attached. Tucked inside cozy nests, near and far. Electrical highways.


    Beverly Powell

    A bound explosion. Wrapping around itself, binding to itself, choking itself, eating away at itself. Or giving itself a big hug?


    Patrick Hackleman

    To be buoyant it must sit on something below the surface of the paper. What is below the art. It can’t just be the wall. It can’t. Portholes for tiny eyes look out. A big rig to steer, front or back?



    Kris Asbaugh

    A game of protection. Not bare. Not unfolded. Withdrawn and drawn out. This is how armor works.


    Matt Conklin

    What do we make of those little fish who swim along the big fish? They turn on a dime and shoot about like air tank darts. Big fish don’t slow down. Big fish only go down with a direct hit. Fire.



    Mike Hill

    Break the surface. Energy. Then color. Then form. The first obstacle: space. Soon filled with energy, then color, then form. Show your bones.



    Kris Askew

    Even Gregory L. Blackstock didn’t draw toilets. Why not? He never looked at them, memorized each unique curve, lid, make, seat, height, handle, color, model, tank, bowl. He couldn’t see what he couldn’t notice. He couldn’t see with his bum.



    Ruth Van Order

    Conveyor belts, escalators, travelators, elevators. Bings and pings. Bounces and bumps. We all need to get there. At once. Good luck on getting out.


    Dale Leroy Scott

    He walked walked off. Driverless. Stuck in paper traffic. Round wheels for rolling. Might as well be squares. Besides, there is just more paper inside.

  • Open Call: "Fare Thee Well" Postcard Show


    Ugly Art Room @ The Arts Center Corvallis’ Corrine Woodman Gallery (June 27 - July 29, 2017)

    (Corvallis, OR)

    Deadline for submission: June 24, 2017

    In collaboration with The Arts Center Corvallis, Ugly Art Room presents Fare Thee Well Postcard Show:

    Simply stated the term “fare thee well” is defined as “a state of perfection,” “thoroughly sound” and “without any flaws.”  For its next postcard show Ugly Art Room is asking artists to explore these themes. What does perfection look like and how is it reached? How is it measured? Is it possible to reach? What must one sacrifice to get there? 

    All 2-D, 4 x 6” artwork in any medium will be accepted. Original work must be stamped and mailed. The artwork cannot be sent in a box or envelope. All artwork will be set at $25 and will NOT be returned.

    Opening Reception: July 20, 2017

    Exhibit Hours: Tues-Sat, noon - 5 PM

    Location: The Art Center (700 SW Madison Ave, Corvallis, OR 97333)


    Accepting work from USA & Internationally

    DIRECTIONS FOR PARTICIPATION: please read carefully

    • Create an original or editioned print 4" x 6" artwork (only original artwork will be accepted)

    • Print the following information on the back of each postcard (will not be shown during exhibit)


    Email: (for payment)

    Website/Facebook/Instagram (optional):




    NFS (if NFS)

    Message (optional):

    • Mail postcard to: 

    Ugly Art Room 

    c/o Jen G. Pywell 

    444 NW 14th St

    Corvallis, OR 97330

    Delivery Deadline: Saturday June 24th, 2017

    Each postcard will be labeled and a list of participating artists will be made available to gallery visitors and online. All works for sale will share 40/30/30 commission (Artist/The Arts Center/Ugly Art Room). Payments for sold work will be paid via paypal. 


    Works larger than 4″ x 6″ will not be exhibited.

    Work that does not include the information listed above on the back of the card will not be exhibited.

    Works mailed in a box or envelope will not be exhibited.

    We look forward to seeing your submissions!

  • "Unlucky in Love" Opening Video Tour

    Watch as we walk through the opening for "Unlucky in Love" on Saturday February 13, 2016.

  • "Unlucky in Love" Opening Reception Photos

    "Unlucky in Love" Opening Reception Photos

    Saturday night's opening for "Unlucky in Love" was a huge success. So many folks came out from the community and were very excited about the artwork in the show. Check out the rest of the photos, here. If you missed it, we are having an additional reception on Thursday February 18, 2016 from 5-8pm during Corvallis Arts Walk. The gallery is located at 460 Madison Ave #7.