Noise Jam

Noise Jam
Alela Diane & Wild Divine, Angry Dragon, Asobe Seksu, Automatic Children
Bangladeafy, Bear Hands, Bugs in the Dark, Darzi, Das Racist, Delicate Steve, Die Hard, Friend Roulette, Grass is Greener, Ice Age, JP & the Gilberts, Manawi Thorn, Nations Afire, No Kids, Pistola, Project Jenny Project Jan, Radical Dads, Rise Against, Ryat, Slow Dance, Tha Pumpsta, The Secret History, Thomas Francis Takes His Chances, Win Win
Opening Reception: June 16, 2001, 10pm
The Gutter
200 No. 14th St.
Something has been lost in the inter-connective stream that put an end to vinyl and celluloid. The rise of the virtual makes a phantom pain of what was once a truly tangible experience. Image noise is a result of low quality photo capture. With Noise Jam, Ugly Art Room has invited rock bands to contribute cell phone shots of performances, backstage, and road shots that are then printed and displayed at a new venue. The semi-fi quality of the omnipresent cell pic will be re-physicalized in a return of paper on the semi-fi quality of the standard digital print and then returned to the real world in a situation honoring the tradition of a billion rock show stickers.